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Powell River, British Columbia

"You catch more fish with your line in the water." - Dave McSween

Dave grew up in Chilliwack, and currently lives in Powell River, British Columbia. This year will be his 20th guiding season. He has worked for a number of great lodges from North Western Ontario, North West Territories, Nunuvat, as well as Northern Saskatchewan. He is married with two children, both becoming advid fishers. For the three summer months, he is often found fishing, and spending time with his family. He also works as a guide during the hunting seasons in Saskatchewan and Northern Alberta.

Steve Hamilton

Prince George, British Columbia

As a life-long angler, Steve truly appreciates just what the waters of British Columbia have to offer. From the Salmon of the West Coast to the Rainbow Trout of the Interior to the Bull Trout of the Peace Country, every single fish is looked at with awe and wonder.

Steve's first fish was a large wolf eel caught from his grandfathers boat while fishing off "Hole in the Wall", just outside of West Vancouver.
"Can we keep it Grandpa?!"
"Nope... that's not coming on board!"
Disappointed but understanding, he watched his Grandpa send it back to the depths to carry on with its life. Just like that, Steve was hooked.

From the age of 6 he spent 2 weeks a year on the beaches of Powell River, forever to be found with a fishing rod in his hand. Pile perch, flounder, sea run cutthroat, coho and chinook salmon, each one as fun and respected as the next quarry.

The addiction continued to grow and now Steve has found a way to give back to the resource he so loves to this day. Steve is the President of Spruce City Wildlife Association in Prince George and is an integral part of the re-opening and management of their hatchery. Over the last year they have put over 5000 children through the facility, each one gaining a special connection to our lakes, rivers, streams and oceans. From the organization of ice fishing events to a hugely successful release of over 2000 chinook salmon fry, its all about ensuring there is a strong bond to the fish and habitat that carries them. Steve truly believes that engaging youth is the secret to a sustainable fishery.


"We need less X-box, and more tackle box!"

Grant Treger

Lake Cowichan

My name is Grant Treger, I'm 62 years old, I'm a Military Veteran with 25 years service with the PPCLI (Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry). I have fished 9 out 10 Provinces and 2 Territories in Canada, 4 US States and 5 Countries in Europe. I started fishing I think at 4 or 5 years old with my Dad who was a very avid fisherman as well. He couldn't get out the door fishing or hunting without hauling me with him.


I have no idea the number of different species of fish I have fished over the years, both fresh and salt water. These are some of my favorites: trout (all species), salmon, cod, halibut, walleye, northern pike, musky, bass (smallmouth, largemouth, and stripped) and big cat fish.

Staci Johnson

My name is Staci Johnson. Fishing with my husband and kids has created many special memories. On my first year anniversary with my husband, we landed one of the biggest rainbow fish caught on our boat. Not only was it a sixteen pound rainbow, but it was caught on one of his hand tied pink Kam Candy Flies that I chose to use. The pink fly became known as the "Staci" Fly as it had caught a lot of fish.

I enjoy spending time at the dock but waking up early to mackinaw fish before sunrise. I enjoy watching my son Junior catch fish and compete in derbies. Throughout time, I have caught many fish using trial and error till we found what works. The Best Lure Co. has created many plugs that work well on our beautiful Lake Pend Oreille in North Idaho. I am so happy to create more memories with Best Lures. I will be appearing on Reel Sportsman Outdoors TV. Fish on!

Chris Mcdonald

Born in Scarborough Ont, June 1984. We moved to Owen Sound at the age of 4. I was taught by my grandpa (David McDonald) and my father (Kevin McDonald) how to fish the rivers,  shorelines and downrigging in the boat. Spent many years reeling in Giant Chinooks 30+lbs that were bigger than me. Now the fish populations and size are dramatically less since the 90's. I was also introduced to deer waterfowl and turkey hunting at a young age.

I have 2 children, Mason (5yrs old) and Jessica (16yrs old) who have also been started at a young age to the hunting/fishing life. Ashlee, my girlfriend, and her son Aiden are right there with us. We live the country life. Ponds in the backyard, fields for hunting beside the house and a 30 second walk to Georgian bay shoreline and tributaries.

An opportunity to join a company who provides us fishermen with a much needed wood lure back in this area, I couldn't resist. People thank me daily for the fishing tips and helping bring the wood plug back to the our area. I am greatly looking forward to promoting and representing Best Lure Co in Ontario. It's time to dominate the water here.

Brett Surplus

Creator and Owner of Reel Sportsman TV.

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